Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How D'Souza thinks

The Economist dismantles Steve Forbes' rag.

Most Americans wouldn’t have a hard time answering the question of why the government ought to guarantee all kids a good education. “Because it’s not the kids’ fault that their parents aren’t rich PhD’s” pretty much covers it… So why would Mr D’Souza perform the moral contortionist’s act necessary to justify elitism in education as integral to a “free society”? Well, here’s an explanation modeled on the one Mr D’Souza provides for Mr Obama’s views:

If Mr D’Souza grew up amongst a tiny hereditary elite desperately trying to protect its privileged status in a huge and bitterly poor third-world country, that would explain why he wants to make sure disadvantaged children are denied the educational opportunities his daughter receives.

What about his weird instinct to dredge up the irrelevant topic of anti-colonialism in explaining Barack Obama’s run-of-the-mill center-left political agenda? Using the same phrasing:

If Mr D’Souza hailed from a tiny Westernised elite that allied itself with the European colonialist project against the national independence movement of his own country, that would explain his monomania about anti-colonialism.

It would, however, be unfair to explain Mr D’Souza’s views this way. First of all, I’m no expert on Indian history or the caste system in Goa, and the description above may be just as shallow a caricature as the one Mr D’Souza provides of post-colonial East African politics in his inflammatory article. Specifically, I know no more about Mr D’Souza’s family’s political views than he does about Barack Obama’s father’s (about which he appears to know strikingly little, given the wealth of information available on the subject)... [A]nybody who wants to know “how D’Souza thinks” is free to look up what he’s written in books and articles over the years, just as Mr D’Souza could criticise the views of Barack Obama by referring to things Mr Obama has said and done.

As the writer notes, it's not Obama who is out of touch with America.



Blogger Ahab said...

D'Souza was spouting the same ridiculous "anti-colonialism" accusation at last weekend's Faith and Freedom Coalition conference.


It's ridiculous, of course. This appears to be the latest right-wing meme intended to smear Obama as radical and insufficiently American. I'm curious as to how many conservatives will actually embrace this meme.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Mr. Unreal said...

That Economist article (minus all the caveats)is a perfect example of what a reply to bozos like D'Souza should look like . Sane people are too nice in their replies.

6:11 AM  

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