Friday, September 10, 2010

Honoring the fallen

The New York Post has been ever so sensitive to the notion that building an Islamic Cultural Center a couple of blocks from the site of the World Trade Center will be hurtful to those who lost loved ones when murderous, religious-driven murderers flew jet liners into the towers, which then ultimately collapsed in the resulting fire nine years ago.

So, in that spirit I'm sure the Post decided to publish a map detailing the location of every piece of human remains found in Lower Manhattan after 9/11 to ease their grieving this weekend.

I am positive that Post editors were distraught to learn that no human remains were ever recovered at the Burlington Coat Factory building that may someday become the dreaded ground zero mosque (which is still not a mosque and still not at ground zero). But Post editors do helpfully note that remains were found a mere 348 feet away from the building in question, on top of the post office around the corner. (What if someone mails Qurans to the Ground Zero Mosque and they pick them up at that Ground Zero Post Office? Why won't they be more sensitive???)

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