Friday, September 10, 2010

Cons and carnies circling like buzzards

"Pastor" Jones, "the Donald, Islamic Cultural Centers, and 9/11. I only wish Melville were alive to write about all of this.

When you get to the end of this story be sure to refresh because it’s entirely possible it will change again in the time it takes you to read this, such has been the pace of today’s newscycle. To begin: Pastor Terry Jones‘ “deal” with the organizers of the Park 51 Islamic Center looking more and more like a bluff. NYC Imam Rauf says he will meet with Jones on Saturday, but has no intention of moving the mosque. Meanwhile, earlier today came the news that one of the investors had offered to sell his stake if the money was right. Subsequently, Donald Trump, rarely one to turn a publicity opportunity down, sent a letter offering to pay (plus 25% more) to end the “highly divisive situation.”

I'm just glad that "respect for the families" of the dead is paramount.



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