Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cruel but apparently not unusual

TNC has been on fire of late, and I think he gets this exactly right.  In addition to Weiner acting unbelievably and repeatedly foolishly, his treatment of his wife makes me cringe.

There is something else at work here also -- a lack of compassion. Here is where I differ with many of my liberal and libertarian friends. I believe that how you treat people matters. It is folly to embarrass your pregnant wife before an entire nation. To do the same thing again is cruelty. And there is the promise of more to come. One argument holds that what happens between Weiner and his wife is between them. I agree with this argument. But cruelty is not abolished by the phrase "consenting adults." And the fact that the immoral is not, and should not be, illegal does not make morality meaningless. Huma Abedin has one choice. We have another. The choice should be made by voters -- there should be no sense that if not for the powerful editorial pages Weiner would have won. As a city we deserve to see who we are, and what we actually care about.

And that's why Nancy Pelosi wasted no time in condemning her former congressional colleague.  We don't need anyone trying to break up the GOP's monopoly on dickish behavior towards women.

What Huma chooses to do is entirely up to her.  But we don't have to watch.

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