Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blue Hoovers

Of course this makes no sense for an economy that is just barely in recovery mode, but "Blue Dog" Democrats mistake economic literacy for fiscal discipline. As for their jobs being on the line if jobs gains don't materialize soon, I'd say don't count on that.

The Medicaid provision, which would extend assistance first granted in last year’s stimulus package, was considered such a sure bet by many governors and legislative leaders that they prematurely included the money in their budgeting. But under pressure from conservative Democrats to rein in deficit spending, House leaders in late May eliminated $24 billion in aid to states from a tax and jobs bill that was approved and forwarded to the Senate.

The voting public -- at least those with jobs or getting Social Security checks -- appears to be less concerned with massive job cuts then they are with the federal deficit of which they know nothing and are not helped by our Big Media Pundits.

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