Thursday, May 27, 2010

Markets aren't always "free"

I guess for that mustache-ode fool, a realtor can decide whom to show houses in which neighborhoods. Stossel wouldn't buy a house from that realtor, but the government should tell that private businessman how to sell houses...or where.

What Stossel, who is old enough to know better, but too enamored with his own "principles" to accept, conveniently ignores is that the "market" in 1964 in much of the South wasn't "free." It was institutionalized apartheid. The police enforced it. The government demanded it. Private businesses had to go along whether they wanted to or not. Moreover, all those businesses benefited from public expenditures -- roads, firemen, police, garbage men...

The same is true in terms of housing throughout much of the country. The housing industry -- including those "private businesses" that financed home sales -- enforced red lining.

Fucking libertarian assholes.

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