Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Would you buy a car from this man?

Combining both greed and arrogance in his quest to win the votes of his fellow Ohioans.

Jim Renacci was just a simple, ordinary American entrepreneur who bought a GM dealership in 2007 from a guy who was about to go to prison for laundering drug money. In those heady go-go times, GM seemed like a world-beating company to hitch one’s star to; thus, it came as a total shock a couple of years later when the commissars assigned to run GM for the good of the proletariat came down hard the kulak Renacci, shutting his precious dealership down. That’s why Renacci wants to be northeast Ohio’s new Congressman, to undo these sorts of terrible injustices.

The current congressman, Democrat John Boccieri, only won the seat in 2008 after the previous Republican Representative-for-almost-life quit, and he voted for the dreaded Health Care Bill that will benefit thousands of his constituents, so he may be in a bit of trouble this year. This is probably why he’s being so mean and pointing out all the lawsuits Renacci is faced with over shitty cars he sold to people! Renacci also accepted money from the Trotsky-inspired Cash for Clunkers program, but he swears that he was actually opposed to it and that sweet, sweet government cash was physically shoved into his hands.



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