Thursday, December 10, 2009

But...what about Grenada? Vietnam? Panama? Korea?

Over at the The Corner, it takes two of their writers to conclude that the Nobel speech was an utter failure because Obama failed to list the latest war in Iraq as a just one.

As far as the re-writing of history is concerned, there was the predictable, and increasingly tiresome, criticism of the Bush administration — particularly unfortunate when speaking to a global audience in a foreign city. In this regard, in describing the need to use force legitimately — a key element of both the just-war theory and international law governing self-defense — President Obama identified the war in Afghanistan and the first Gulf War as examples. The 2003 Iraq War was conspicuously absent from this list. Indeed, in case his listeners somehow missed the point, the only thing that the president said about the Iraq War is that it “is winding down.”

I ridicule these people for being unable to let go of their notion of Iraq II as a great and glorious crusade in which they fight from the sidelines, but..."re-writing history?" By omitting a war that he has long opposed as, rightly so, "stupid," and counter to our national interests, how is that "re-writing history?" I can't believe that slipped past K-Lo's brilliant blue pen.



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