Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Somberly, poetry that reminds us that the bland "installations" planned for the "9-11 Memorial," simply fail to express...

"Where is the twisted human torso?

Where are the flames? Where is the smoke?

What crossed fingers still dangle below

These calm subterranean spaces?

It continues:

"Placid well-lit puddles of piddling light

Confine the defiant. Monuments,

Intended to mourn, feign empathy and

Experience. Serene Ground Zero.

Is this the scene searched in vain for remains?

Each age has the art that it deserves."

A need to "get over it," to "find closure," to "think positively." It is the weakness of the times we live in. Evidenced (ed., is that really a verb?) by Bush's SOTU, devoid of mention of the dead, and by this column, sent to us by a particularly alert reader. I hadn't even thought about the percentage of deaths caused by friendly fire, or friendly cluster bombs. But it would be better if we didn't concern ourselves with such negative thoughts.

(It's also a great window on Bush's "progressive" immigration policies: "Give us your maids, your gardeners, your cannon fodder...")

Instead, think positive! Great news about the ongoing success in Iraq, via Atrios. Ludicrous, but as it is sucked up by the thoughtful and high-minded conservative press, it will soon be holy writ to more than half the U.S. public.

Chris Suellentrop of Slate can't quite figure out "Kerrymania." I agree; it's more than just his CV, although I think he has the best one of the bunch. But perhaps, just perhaps, voters are reacting to the black & white-ism of the Bush dynasty (and Dean, for that matter), and are looking for something the press has stated firmly has been dead since 9-11-01: nuanced thinking. I mean, what other politician can you imagine saying this?:

"[Of off-shoring jobs] 'The solution is not to sit there and pretend that you can stop every job from going overseas,' he says in Hampton. On the subject of religion, he believes that presidents should 'recognize the diversity of faiths and even of agnosticism and atheism,' and he takes the politically risky stance of admitting to a 'questioning, agnostic stage' after his experience in Vietnam."

Those two statements alone have my vote. And he's accused of pandering. Sheesh.

Speaking of Kerry...CBS, deservedly, takes a lot of shots, but "60 Minutes" last Sunday was a tri-fecta of bad news for Bush.

And of the Bush dynasty, Kevin Phillips, a wild-eyed left-wing wacko and former White House strategist for Nixon, and wrote "The Emerging Republican Majority" years ago, is aghast at the dynastic ambitions of the Bush family. Here's an excerpt.

Peggy Noonan admits that Republicans aren't normal?

"Let me assert something that I cannot prove with a poll but that is based on serious conversations the past few months with Republicans and also normal people..."


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