Thursday, January 22, 2004

Dean may be dropping in the polls, but he's rising in the charts. With a bullet. Thanks Atrios.

Amy Sullivan deconstructs the SOTU. "But my absolute favorite quote of the night was this, although it was in the context of gay marriage: 'We cannot allow activist judges to force their arbitrary will on the people.' Anybody else out there thinking about Bush v. Gore (2000)?" Wish I'd thought of that.

Yet even she -- in fact no one on the blogospher or in the traditional media -- seems bothered by the miserable failure's failure to honor the dead in Iraq. 503 American troops dead thus far, and he can't so much as nod in their direction. Disgusting. And disturbing. Is he unaware?

But for those of you pining to live in freedom in our great neighbor to the north, be forewarned.


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