Friday, January 17, 2014

Sons of Traitors in Defense of Slavery

Accommodating all those different perspectives (like, ya know, your traitorous ancestors lost) is too much:

To descendants of the Confederates in North Florida, the move was perceived to be the latest salvo against this area’s values and traditions. The Civil War may have ended long ago, but in Florida, unlike much of the South, Yankees never stopped marching (or rolling) into the state, lured by milder weather and tax rates. Other newcomers arrived, too, slowly eroding the state’s Southern identity.

“The descendants of these families have moved over and moved over,” said Mr. Baxley of the Confederate side. A fifth-generation resident of North Florida, Mr. Baxley has drafted a bill to require legislative approval to alter commemorative sites. “You have 20 million people from all corners of the earth and the country. We have all these different perspectives here, and these descendants have accommodated that. But I think that diversity and respecting people’s ancestors applies to everybody.”

Adding a Union monument to Olustee, Florida’s first state park, Mr. Baxley said, violates the public trust because it would redefine the historic park.

“My biggest concern is that this is revisionist history and that these decisions are being made by park officials and not an elected body,” he said. “You have to have some obligation to the people.”

Emphasis, of course, mine.



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