Friday, September 28, 2012

Quote o' the day, liberal firing squad edition

Rebecca Solnit responds to those who Twitter-scream that Obama's drone policy or the inadequacy of Obamacare make him Obamney.

O rancid sector of the far left, please stop your grousing! Compared to you, Eeyore sounds like a Teletubby. If I gave you a pony, you would not only be furious that not everyone has a pony, but you would pick on the pony for not being radical enough until it wept big, sad, hot pony tears. Because what we’re talking about here is not an analysis, a strategy, or a cosmology, but an attitude, and one that is poisoning us. Not just me, but you, us, and our possibilities
 Via Eric Loomis, to whom Glenn Greenwald is now unfit to be a liberal.

Please read them.



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