Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ignore this

I had meant to mention this great story, "5 ways to spot a B.S. political headline," that ran on "On the Media" last month, but as per usual, other things got in the way.  In the story, Bob Garfield discusses the words that should lead you to move on with Jason Pargin, who identified those "5 ways:"

BOB GARFIELD:  Next on your list, the word “blast.” So-and-so blasts so-and-so for  statement on such-and-such.
JASON PARGIN:  Yes. Again, completely inconsequential in the long run. Mitt Romney blasting the President’s new economic plan is not news. He’s repeating the exact same thing that he’s going to be saying from now until Election Day. But if he thoughtfully deconstructs it, that apparently doesn’t make a headline that anyone would want to click on but if he blasts it or if he eviscerates it, whatever ridiculous hyperbole they want to put to describe criticism of policy, that apparently is the only thing that will get people to click on it. But it winds up putting the focus entirely on the fight.

So I called it to mind when I read today's headline in The New York goddam Times:

Romney Calls Obama Policies the Most Anti-Business in Recent History

Ya think?

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