Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul cares about some civil liberties for some people

Yes, Glenn Greenwald has just pushed it to 11 on his amp of assholeness.

And, yeah, this just depresses the shit out of me.

Oppel’s suggests these “clean-up” rules were inspired by the recent experience of Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign, whose youthful orange-hatted pierced-and-tatted volunteers allegedly freaked out Iowans. But the best precedent actually goes a lot further back: the “Clean for Gene” slogan of student volunteers for Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire in 1968.
If I were advising the Paul campaign, I’d suggest a few other rules for their kiddie corps, such as hiding their dog-eared copies of Atlas Shrugged and learning to change the subject when voters ask about the candidate’s views on foreign policy. But in any event, it’s interesting, and a bit depressing, too see the experience of yesterday’s youthful lefties being put to the service of a cause in which both McCarthy and Dean would be thought of as among the Slavedrivers of Collectivism.

I know, Dear Reader, you know this, but just in case someone came in here via the Google:  In Ron Paul's world, pot should be legalized, vaginas should not, and slaveholding is just ok as long as The State isn't involved.

Please go back to what you were doing.  Over.

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