Friday, November 18, 2011

Lose, Lions, lose

They can get away with a lot, but making fun of their own team just won't do.

According to Michael Samuels, a Stanford senior who plays the tree in that school’s infamous band, the song ridiculing the team was a breach of band etiquette. “I’m glad Columbia’s band found a way to make going to football games more enjoyable for themselves — I sure know I wouldn’t want to go watch my team give up 62 points to Cornell — but have some pride in your school and respect for your players,” Samuels said in an e-mail.

“Also, if you are going to be ‘irreverent,’ at least be funny. Our band would never come up with such profoundly obvious and uninspired lyrics like ‘We always lose, lose, lose; by a lot, and sometimes by a little.’ ”

Ooh, snap.



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