Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Double reverse Stockholm Syndrome

One of the advantages of having too much work is that it is difficult for me to knee-jerkingly react to things throughout the day. It allows me to ruminate before I bloviate...and that's a good thing.

Anyway, it has been alternatively depressing and amusing to watch the anger and see the declarations of liberals Who. Will. Never. Vote. For. That. Man. Again. I mean, check out the comments here. I've seen teenage girls react more calmly to being disinvited from the mean girls' table at the cafeteria. I too was...unsurprised... by the announcement of "the deal" last night. But as smarter observers have pointed out throughout the afternoon, rather than Obama being held hostage and cozying up to his captors, Republicans may have been held hostage to their devotion to preserving the wealth of the rich.

Blinded by estate tax sugarplums, the GOP gave Obama something he -- and the country -- desperately needs: more stimulus for the economy. Now, yes, this is not the greatest form of that -- frankly, I don't know what the rich will do with their $700 billion, but it won't go to repairing crumbling bridges or ya know, hiring anyone -- but it is something that the GOP would otherwise refuse to give Obama. They want the economy to limp along for two more years. They want him to fail. But, like Pavlov's dogs, with the prospect of getting a tax break for the Koch brothers the GOP's drool got in the way of their obstructionism.

And for those who would have preferred Obama "stand and fight" and refuse to accept such a deal, please contact Chuck Schummer, Joe Lieberman, that dick from Nebraska, and the other Democratic senators who opposed letting the cut expire for their key constituents on Wall Street. The House bill restoring the cuts for the "middle class" and letting them expire for the wealthiest did not have the votes to overcome the threat of a filibuster in the Senate.

Oh, and ask someone who has been unemployed for more than a year what they think about the restoration of unemployment benefits.

So, now. Let's fix the tax code to make some dent in the wealth disparity in this country. A clever enough plan will surely fool the Republicans -- they may be brilliant when it comes to political bullying, but math ain't their strong suit.

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