Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks all over Iran

I haven't a clue what the latest Wikileaks data dump was intended to do or prove. There isn't much in there that wasn't already pretty well known, such as Karzai's brother being a rat. We knew that the other Arab states don't much care for or trust Iran. And as for whomever leaked the documents to Wikileaks, if he or she thought this was the second coming of Daniel Ellsberg, he or she is very wrong. This isn't the Pentagon Papers; it isn't evidence that the American government is lying any more than using diplomatic language could be called "lying."

But, Kevin Drum is right, from what little I've admittedly read, if the intent was to make the case for an attack on Iran just a little bit easier, then, we might very well be able to say, "mission accomplished."

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