Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Methinks Romney doth protest too much. After hearing Obama say on "60 Minutes" that the Affordable Health Care Act was patterned on Republican health care reform plans going back to 1993, including the plan enacted when one Mittster Romney was governor of Mass., Romney's team goes all dog on the roof of the car crazy:

The notion that the Dems specifically tried to pattern ObamaCare after the Massachusetts plan is an outright lie. I’ve scoured news article and blogs from 2009 to Feb. 2010 when all the debate for the ObamaCare bill had taken place, and NOWHERE do the the Dems refer to MA as a model. They are trying to re-write history for political expedience.

NOWHERE, indeed. The all-caps are sure to convince Republican 2012 primary voters that Romney Care is nothing like Obama Care, and that it is all safe for Christians, Medicare patients, and Second Amendment defenders. Nothing at all like that socialism shit.

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