Saturday, October 16, 2010

With one foot in a bucket, he inserts the other in another

I heard today that insane Republican nominee for New York governor refused to accept his campaign manager's resignation. That was his second mistake.

ALBANY - Flame-throwing Carl Paladino took another swipe at Andrew Cuomo over homosexual lifestyles yesterday, saying the Democrat isn't doing enough to legalize gay marriage.

Paladino, who staunchly opposes gay nuptials, accused Cuomo of being a hypocrite for touting his support for same-sex weddings now - but being "all but invisible" when the issue was before the Legislature last year.

"He was asked by those pushing for the measure to call three wavering senators," the Paladino campaign said in the first of what it promises will be daily "Cuomo Land" attacks.

Political pros were puzzled that Paladino would attack Cuomo on gays, given that the Tea Party darling's campaign unraveled this week after he delivered an anti-gay diatribe.



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