Friday, May 21, 2010

David Brooks' hallucination

I'm not sure what to say about David Brooks' latest, in which he imagines "moderate voter," "Ben."

Ben wasn’t naturally an extremist sort of guy. He didn’t live his life for politics or go in for the over-the-top stuff he heard on talk radio. But he did have some sense that the American work ethic was being threatened by debt and decadence.

It was going to take spit and vinegar to turn things around. So he voted for one of the outsiders. This is not time for a tinkerer, he figured. It’s time for a demolition man.

In a few years’ time, Ben is going to be disappointed again. He’s going to find that the outsiders he sent to Washington just screamed at each other at ever higher decibels. He’s going to find that he and voters like him unwittingly created a political culture in which compromise is impermissible, in which institutions are decimated by lone-wolf narcissists who have no interest in or talent for crafting legislation. Nothing will get done.

In a few years’ time, Ben is going to look for something else. It will be interesting to see if, by that time, any moderates have had the foresight and energy to revive and define the free labor tradition — a tradition that uses government to encourage work, to reward work, and to uphold the values at the core of Ben’s life.

The values at the core of "Ben's" life seem to be suburban complacency, no help for those who haven't been able to survive a massive economic downturn as he has with his "hotel chain job" (what is up with that?), and a hatred for unions, or so it would seem.

And, Abraham Lincoln was a "moderate?"

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