Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Now, no one is more of a defender of an independent high school press than the Vega, having once been the proud editor of a suspended high school newspaper. But I'm missing the outrage here. I'm not so sure how unusual it is to ask to review attributed quotes before publication. It is certainly not uncommon (I saw it in All the President's Men, dammit!) to read something to a source and ask for factual confirmation before it's published. And frankly, given Scalia's famed openness, Kennedy is a veritable ray of sunshine. It sounds like the appearance was a waste of time, anyway...for the students.

The article itself, by Kristian Bailey, a Dalton senior and one of the paper’s editors in chief, is a straightforward account of Justice Kennedy’s biography and his wide-ranging remarks. The article is expected to be published in the paper’s next issue. Editors at The Daltonian either would not comment for this article or did not respond to requests for an interview, although a staff member provided a draft of The Daltonian’s article.

At the assembly, Justice Kennedy discussed the separation of powers, federalism, Isaac Newton (“the poster boy for the Enlightenment”) and George Washington (“the poster boy for the Constitution”), according to the article. One student quoted in the article expressed disappointment that Justice Kennedy had not had time to answer the written questions students had been asked to submit.



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