Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Leftist abuse"

Hey kids, report a "leftist abuse" and you could win $100!

Not sure what constitutes a "leftist abuse (socks and birkenstocks come to mind)?" They contest organizers provide a helpful list, including such egregiousness as...

  • Overwhelmingly leftist faculty.
  • Overwhelmingly leftist administrators who actively suppress conservative activities and refuse to address grievances from students who suffer persecution for their conservative beliefs.
  • Leftist domination of most student government associations.
  • Leftist domination of "student courts" which decide issues regarding student government actions and persecute students for activities in behalf of conservative principles.


  • Large numbers of courses presented that explicitly in their catalog descriptions push leftist ideology, but no balance of conservative principles offered in the curriculum.
  • Indoctrination of students in class by faculty who promote socialist ideas and other leftist priorities.
  • Leftist faculty using their class time to preach politics instead of teaching the topic at hand.
  • Faculty who express in class blatant contempt of conservative ideas.
But, of course we all know by now what really freaks these people out about "campus life" and "lefties:" They just didn't get any when they were in college.

Mandatory seminars for students on how to have "safe sex" with little or no mention of the possibility or merits of abstinence or marriage.



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