Friday, June 24, 2005

GOP Convention -- a religious experience

Or a bad play. In any case, a New York assistant district attorney defends thugs.

In arguing the case, Jessica Troy, the assistant district attorney, said the trial was not about politics but about a cunning woman who snuck into a private affair with the intention of provoking a nationally televised disruption. She compared Ms. Brashares's actions to interrupting a church service, a private party or a show, using the audience participation play "Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding" as an analogy.

"When you go to a play and stand up and start screaming 'I hate this play, you wasted my time and money,' what do you expect to happen?" she asked. "You're going to be pulled out by the ushers."

The judge didn't buy it. In fact, of 1,800 arrests made during the NYC convention with 1,670 handled by the Manhattan DA. Charges in 91 percent have been dismissed or lead to verdicts of not guilty.

But the police successfully silenced 1,800 people during the convention. A fine dry run for the police state.


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