Thursday, November 25, 2004

The agitprop machine is open on Thanksgiving

Beautifully timed, the Right have sent out press releases on the eve of Thanksgiving, saying that a teacher in Cupertino, CA is being told not to allow his students to read the Declaration of Independence because of its references to God.

But it seems that it's a bit more complicated than that. It appears that he wasn't handing out copies of the Declaration and other primary source material from the 18th century founding of the country. Rather, he was handing out "supplemental handouts" that referred to the language in the source documents. And where did those "supplemental handouts" come from? A group calling itself "Christian Nation" who are attempting to create another whirlwhind of winger-led propaganda "illustrating" that we lefties are insanely obsessed with keeping God out of the classroom.

Drudge has, of course, jumped on this, and the media -- who now use Drudge as one of their primary sources of news -- are going right along with it, with refutations impossible now until at least Monday. By that time, the story will have entered the Halls of Truth as told by our nation's so-called liberal media.

Arghshfluptfrkit. Can these people be stopped?


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