Friday, May 21, 2004

Outsourcing begins at home -- the Bush/Cheney call "centre"

Dovetailing nicely with the source of their campaign gear, until recently RNC fund raising was done via a call "centre" in Noida, India. The contract was cancelled recently, in part because of new sensitivity on the part of Republicans to the outsourcing debate. But there's more:

But the million-dollar question is why was the contract called off? Insiders say the growing resentment in the US audiences against outsourcing to India and strong reactions from Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry were at the root of capping the contract. The anti-outsourcing lobby within the Republicans also had a hand in ending the contract, insiders divulged. But according to HCL sources one consideration was non-viability in the last few months after having covered most voters from the RNC database.

The RNC has run out of people to call?


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